Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Totally Beautiful Day!

Let's Just Do It!

  With the car loaded down with bags and boxes of thread, Carl and I headed to the Center this morning.  And, they were waiting for our arrival!
Glorious Thread!
Ready hands had the car unloaded very quickly!
  Individual orders were swiftly scooped up, and then came the process of putting up the new cones for the Center.

  As you know, we are in the process of organizing our stash, and as the shelves are built out in the new Annex, we are moving some of it out of one space into the new space.  Tina got busy with our new cones of carpet warp, and it is a rainbow of color on the back wall.

  You can see the start of the new shelves on the left wall in the Annex.  This afternoon those shelves were filled with plastic storage bins holding thread, cloth and fleece.  Dye Day paraphernalia was also moved to the Annex to make more space inside the Center.

  Jinx surprised Ms. Ila with some Princess Cookies.  These are a date and coconut cookie that Ms. Ila remembers buying years ago at the bakery in Oak Ridge.  She hadn't seen them around for ages, but Jinx found a recipe, and we all had a treat!  Thank you, Jinx!!!!

  Now, it's back to work for everyone!  Lanny is busy planning his next project.
  Jinx and Judy are working on their first warps, while Christy is weaving on her Inkle loom.

  Ms. Ila brought her warp for a new batch of scarves, and Ms. Trudy lent a hand getting it on the Pup.  LaDonna got to work on the triangle loom and the next shawl.

  I don't know where Ms. Beatrice is!!!!  That's her warp back there on the board, but she's NOT in this picture!!!  Hummmmm!

  And, a glance down the back row shows the ladies hard at work.  
  Quote from Maggie:  "How long is the warp on this loom????"
  Bonnie found a khaki thread on the shelf that she's using on the towel warp....but the copper makes it look green!   Colors do that sometimes!
  Andy is threading the heddles on her loom...I guess we'll be winding that warp on next week!

Ah.....hemstitching!  Linda says that she just pretends to hemstitch!  Ha!!!

  Linda brought us information today about the Homecoming at the Museum of Appalachia in October.  The Tuesday Weavers will have to jury into the Homecoming, and we hope to get one of the cabin porches for our set-up.  I'm going to go back through our pictures for some good shots of our rugs and place mats.

As usual......LOTS going on at the Center!
Happy Weaving!


Linda said...

I didn't realize those were Princess cookies! They were delicious1

Theresa said...

A always a beehive of activity! You are going to share that recipe aren't you???????

LA said...

Theresa....we'll ask Jinx for the recipe!