Monday, October 17, 2011

Last tasks

The last week before going to a show is always full of last minute details. I've finished all the weaving and washing. Now assembling is done. I'm at the stage of finishing things. Each item I sell has to have the seams inside tacked down. I do this by hand.  It doesn't really take long at all and gives the items longer life. Then there's the crocheting. I crochet most of the raw edges: necklines, sleeves and hems. And there's the jackets. I had to figure out how to make button holes without using my buttonholer on the Bernina. I like the idea of crocheted buttonholes, so that's what they all get. I'm surrounded by almost finished pieces. As I get a stack done, I inventory them and put them into the rubbermaids, ready for Wednesday when we drive over to Asheville. I'll take pictures of the booth again to see what it looks like.

You know, back in April we had some horrendous storms. I know that I posted that the huge oak tree that fell in our yard actually landed in the only place it couldn't do any damage. Wrong. Yes, it missed the house, the propane tank and the power line. But, we've gradually realized, a branch crushed the main line going out of our septic tank. We've had guys out several times and they are supposed to repair that line.
They were supposed to come again today..........third try. Nope, no  one is here and no one called. So we're still washing big loads of laundry as seldom as we can. The water appears to be flowing ok but we don't want it in the basement and DH has to keep checking the hole to see that it is going right.

This weekend he was out again cutting branches since this is where they will be fixing it, if they ever come!!
I'm about over this waiting. Do I turn on the dishwasher? Can I do an extra load of laundry today???

On the fun side, while I'm doing all that handwork I'm getting some TV watching in. I love our On Demand feature and the things I've recorded over the past few months as well are being watched and then deleted from the system so I can record more things down the road.
I think I've mentioned before that I only weave about 4 hours a day because we have to protect our backs. I know of several weavers that have had to quit because of back strain. I don't want to stop. But, I also use alot of muscles in my hands with the handsewing and crocheting. I like to space that out as well. But, this is  not the week to do that. The hands are getting a workout. The good thing about watching stuff I taped is that I can stop to flex my hand muscles as I fast forward through commercials. I think that's a win win!!
Tomorrow evening we pack my van up and Wednesday bright and early I'll head over the mountain to Asheville. The weather's supposed to be cool and nice (after rain tomorrow) so should be a delightful view this weekend as the fall colors are peaking up there!!
Til next week


LA said...

Hahaha....only you would consider hitting "fast forward" as hand exercise!!! But, you're right...anything that we do over & over for long periods of time tend to strain the muscles. It's important to take a break in the activity.

Linda said...

I know you will have another terrific show! Your handwoven items are beautiful!