Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Perfect Fall Day

What a perfect day it was today!  It began by sewing on my pretty flowered blouse, accompanied by the napping Leo.  I guess he needed more coffee at five than I did.
  I worked on the blouse until I realized I'd made a mistake, looked outside and saw daylight.  Then, it was time to hit the yard, hard.  I tore out the flowers from the hard-won front flower bed and added some new top soil.  I ripped out the annoying honeysuckle tree that springs up and reaches the roof line before I can see what's happening.  I attacked my nemesis, the hedge.
  And then, the insulation guys showed up, with their big truck, long hoses and many, many bags of insulation.  Tom went in the attic while Jesse fed the machine on the ground.  The entrance to my attic is about 18 inches by 40 inches, so it's a very good thing Tom is thin.  He was up there for about two hours, which would explain why he muttered, "That's a big attic," when he first looked into it.

  I asked him to get the portrait of a man that's up there, someone we've speculated to be Mr. Nicely, the man who built my house.  He lived here from 1922 to 2000, when he died here in the house.  Scott from next door bought the house from Mr. Nicely's estate, sold it three months later to David, who sold it to me eight years later.  I am only the fourth person to own this house!  And Scott doesn't really count, since he never actually lived here.
  The portrait has been damaged, especially the backing.  Mom studied archive preservation in college and she said it was from the acidic paper used to back the photo.  She recommended buying non-acid paper to back the photo, and then re-framing it.  I will hang him in the hallway, with the photos of my family.
   Mom went to Litton's to pick up lunch, since I couldn't leave the insulators alone with Bella.  After all, they'd already called her Cujo!  When they left, we went to Home Depot to get keys copied.

  Unfortunately, Home Depot sells more than keys.  The front of the garden department was full of  mums and hostas and lots of other things that should be planted this time of year.  I got so excited about the mums, I forgot to get the daffodil and tulip bulbs I went there for!  But I did get everything I bought into soil and watered well.  Now, it's time for a tasty Oktoberfest beer and sunset watching on the porch.  Don't you just love fall?  Happy weaving!  --Maggie


LA said...

All that extra insulation will come in very handy this winter!!! I'm glad you were able to rescue the picture. All in all...a very busy day for you!

Tina J said...

Good for you Maggie! I am glad you had such a great day! You will appreciate all that insulation this winter.

Bonnie said...

Your house will be much warmer with all that insullation added. Your plants look very nice.

Linda said...

What an interesting find in your attic!

You are going to be nice and toasty this winter!