Saturday, October 15, 2011

Have You Noticed????

 Have you noticed..........

  .....the beautiful colors starting to peek out amongst the green?
   Some of the trees are already in their glory, while others are just taking their own sweet time!!!
   .....the heat kicking on in the mornings?

  ......the squirrels sprinting through the yard with walnuts in their mouths? 

  .....the chipmunks under the bird feeder with big ole chunky cheeks?

Have you noticed.....

.......that every talk show and print ad shows someone in a poncho?

  As a weaver, I'm chomping at the bit to try my hand at weaving one (or two or three!)  By the way, can you say Quetzquemetyl???
  I pulled out my copy of Betty Beard's Fashions From the Loom to get some measurements for the cloth.  I'd really like to weave one.....

Have you noticed.....

  .....that weaving looks like a big ole tangled mess when it comes off the loom?

  I cut seven small totes off of Mz. Emily last night.  There is also two panels of "cloth" that I can use for inside pockets.  Those totes need to get surged and washed before I can finish them.

  Then I need to select just the right button.........oh my, lots to get done this weekend!!!!

Have you noticed.....

  ...that weaving overshot just makes you happy?

  I love to play with this structure.  I'm sure that if you could watch me weave, I'd just be grinning like a big ole 'possum. 
  I played with the Dogwood pattern until I got it to work for mug rugs, and they are a joy to weave.  I think I'll just keep doing them in the dusty rose and not change colors....and maybe one pod pocket from this pattern.

  In the middle of all the production for the November show, I need to weave something fun....something that just makes me smile.  Sometimes it's the fabric combination for the totes, and sometimes it's just watching the pattern pop up with the overshot.  Maybe I'll get a warp on for that poncho.....

  In the meantime, have you noticed that the time is just ticking away?   And, I have to get to the post office before it gets too, I have all that work to do on the totes.
Have a fabulous Fall weekend!!!!


Tina J said...

We are a busy bunch aren't we! I love the dogwood mug rug, I think they are going to be very popular.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the dogwood pattern mug rugs!!
Joyce S