Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mock-Up and Potluck!

I'll just be right up front about this:  I did not get even ONE picture of the yummy lunch the Tuesday Weavers had today!!!!  I guess I was just too busy eating!  But, I can assure you, we ate well and there was plenty!!!!  We need to do this more often................
  Nor did I get a picture of Carl, who spent the morning with us.  While we were busy putting together what we hope to be the best booth ever, he sat back at his loom doing his wrist exercises.  But, everyone was happy to have him back with us today.
  Ann started the morning by taping off our booth size on the floor, then we starting moving the display pieces in place.

  Carol is loaning us grid panels, which we are using for the corners of our booth.

  Those went in first.

The left side of the booth has a table and shelf and a baker's rack.

This will the area for scarves, totes, shawls and our weaving demonstration.

Another baker's rack and a rug rack on the right, plus our desk.

Once you get the baby blankets and towels on the rack, it starts to look even better.  Put those rugs on the large racks, and it really looks like a booth!

The supervisors were busy......
  .......Ann worked on our "to-bring" list.

  And, we even got to say hello to Ms. Bonnie!  She was on her way to a doctor's appointment and stopped by the Center.

  Now....it's back to work getting the finishing touches on all of our woven items, getting them tagged, and maybe even weaving a few more items!!!!  We still have lots to do before November, but I think we all have a good idea about how our booth will look.  Way to go, Tuesday Weavers!!!!
Happy Weaving......


Bonnie said...

I am sorry to have missed the fun day of food and festivities. I just got back from NC. Looks like you guys have everything under control. Looks great.

Tina J said...

It was an encouraging day I think! Plus it was lots of fun, too!