Saturday, October 29, 2011

Caution: Wide Load


I needed pockets!

Not just any kind, oh no!

I needed  w i d e   l o a d  pockets!
(Yes, just like my jeans....but I'm still wearing mine!)

  I sent up my prayers to St. Jude (lost causes) and St. Anthony (lost items) to please send me jeans that needed to be recycled.  I even had a little talk with St. Anne (seamstresses and old clothes dealers.)

   I wanted larger pockets to put inside my tote've always got those little things that you're toting around, but if you're not careful, they get lost in the bottom of your bag.  The smaller totes (purses) have two inside and one on the outside.  But, they can use the smaller size pockets from the jeans.  I needed BIGGER pockets for the large totes!!!!

    My prayers were answered.
  I was tagging items at the Center on Tuesday, and I spied a bag with jeans that had been donated!

Thank you Jude, Anthony and Anne!!!!

  And, while I was cutting pockets, I went ahead and got the jeans ready to be cut into strips for rugs at the Center.  This tub holds the seams that were cut out of the jeans.....surely they, too, can be recycled????
  So, I'm back in production mode, sewing on pockets and finishing seams!  And, I'm sending out the call for old jeans..........
.............send me your tired, worn out jeans.  I will make them live again!!!!

Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

I will check my stash of jeans for pockets. The totes look great.

Anonymous said...

I have a few wide load pockets for you.


Roxie said...

How about using weaving samples for pockets? I try out several inches of treadling a pattern, using this or that for fill, using a tighter or a heavier beat. It takes three to four inches to see if I really like something. If anyone else does that, those scraps would make fun pockets.

Oh, or maybe unloved mug rugs?

Tina J said...

You can't have too many pockets!