Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Business as Usual

  Now....you'd think with the show looming ahead (haha) that we'd all be in a tizzy about getting things ready....but Lanny and Andy just keep on weaving at their looms.

  And, Ms. Ila is winding a new warp for a loom.

  Bonnie was cutting more strips for that warp on Ann's loom.

  Ann has a lot of strips to join together....do you think that's enough????

Allan worked on the Annex....the floor is almost laid, and soon we'll all be outside helping with the "raising" of the walls.

Carol gave a few pointers to Beatrice.  We really can't call her the new weaver any longer....she's catching on quickly!

In fact, she's catching on so quickly, her grandson, Chris, has started weaving, too!  (We believe in starting them young!!!!)

There's even time for catching up with friends.  Linda had a little "run in" with the steps at her house.

And, yes, we have started making inventory list, and tagging and pricing our items for the show. 

So, here's to you, Pat!
We were all thinking about you today, and we did try so hard to stay on task!!!!

You know, sometimes we have a hard time with that!!!!

Happy Weaving to ALL....


Bonnie said...

It was so great to be back with all my weaving friends. My best wishes go out to Pat and hope is is doing ok.

Tina J said...

It was a very productive day, even though I didn't lift a shuttle! We did miss you Pat, let us know how you are doing.