Thursday, June 16, 2011

Been traveling

Last Friday I went to my home away from home, Martin's Station in Wilderness Road State Park. As you may remember I usually go there one weekend a month to interpret the 18th century for the public. This time I went for five days. Here is my cabin. I have all the comforts of home. A wash basin, towel and soap along with firewood.

Here is the inside. You can see my cooking pots, oil lamps and other necessary items.

On this wall you can see the boxes I keep some things in and my clothes.

This table is actually my bed but since my son did not go with me I decided to sleep in his bed and use mine as a table.

Here is another view.

Here is my son's bed. You can't tell but it is a rope bed. I have to tell you. His bed is a whole lot more comfortable than mine. We both have feather mattresses but with the ropes it is just more comfortable.

Tomorrow I will be on the road again but this time I will stay in this century. I will be on my way to Wisconsin to visit a friend who is a weaver!



Bonnie said...

Welcome back to this century. It sounds like fun, but I am not sure I could do it. Have fun with your friend in Wisconsin.

Tina J said...

Thanks for the pictures, I wondered what your cabin looked like! Have fun on your next trip!

LA said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Your cabin looks very cozy, and I know how much you enjoy being there. Have fun on your next trip!!!

Maggie said...

That must be fun, except for the board-bed. You never had to stop playing dress up.

Theresa said...

Geez, does anyone watch you have period 18th century sleep? I mean I would think a more comfortable bed could be found. Otherwise sounds like great fun. Have a safe trip to WI!

bettyj said...

The cabin looks great. Glad you had a good bed for a change.Have fun on your next trip

Linda said... reading about your adventures.
I am glad to find this blog. Have a safe trip.