Wednesday, June 15, 2011


 I'm on my way out the door, have to be at work in less than an hour, to feed breakfast pastries to the poor, over-worked staff running the meeting that's at the farm this week!  I wanted to show your the fruits, literally of my labors in my veggie garden that you've been watching developing since October.  I've very, very excited to see my first tomato!

And so many bean flowers, it's kind of making me nervous--I'm a single person!  I can't eat all those beans!

 It's a good thing I love chilies, too!  Lots of banana peppers, lots of Anaheims, mmmmmm!

 And the silly okra, growing aplentiful!
Remind me to wash the pasta bowl before I use it next time.  I had no idea it was a napping place.  Eew!

Happy weaving!


LA said...

You'll be eating some of those yummy veggies soon! Your garden is a success!!!

Tina J said...

The garden looks great! It is so cool to eat your own veggies isn't it. It is up there with spinning the wool from your own sheep, or drinking the milk from your own goats!

Bonnie said...

Wonderful garden. You may have to freeze or can some of them it it gets too much.