Tuesday, June 14, 2011

She's Back.........


  We were starting to think we would never get to spend time with her again.....but Bonnie blessed us with a visit this morning.   She was able to stay until lunch time, and then left to go home and ice down that foot.  It might be awhile before she's ready to sit at the loom, but maybe she could manage an Inkle???

  Meanwhile, at the other side of the room, Tina was trying to get her tension box on the loom.  It didn't want to attach to the back beam!!!  Thank heavens that there is a tension box at the Center, and it worked very nicely.

  The 20 yard warp went on smoothly, and we're calling it the "Southwest" warp.

Love all those colors together!!!!

  (By the way....if you're reading this Maggie, we will be putting another sectional warp on the Herald Loom next week.  We got the thread tree loaded, and the sectional beam ready today.  We can get going on it as soon as we arrive.)

  Sometimes you just need a chance to catch up with good friends!  Before Dye Day got into action, there was lots of conversation, too!

  Mix up the dye.

Let the warp dyeing begin!!!!  Carl and Lanny are good supervisors!!!!

  There's always something going on....what a wonderful group of weavers!
Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

That about sums it up! After you left Lou Ann, I was digging thru the fabrics looking for some to go with our warps!

Bonnie said...

You just don't know how good it was to see everybody and sit and watch. Just being outside the house. I was telling my husband(my driver) that I was so tired. I felt like it should be 4pm, it was noon. He reminded me that I got up before 5 am. I was just too excited about getting to see everybody.

Maggie said...

Ha! You knew I was sitting at my computer saying, Wait a minute! You said! And so I will anticipate next week's winding!