Sunday, June 19, 2011

Enjoying the trip there!

I look forward to Midwest Weavers Conference. I missed a few inbetween but this is the 3rd one in a row I'm going to. Planning for it takes months. Preconference materials list, winding warps and putting them on the loom........all in preparation for the big day.....leaving for Hancock MI!!
I left our house about noon on Friday and drove about half an hour north to where Linda lives. She was packed and ready. Since she's not going to the conference she didn't have alot of stuff but I made up for it!
We dropped off some fabrics I'd help paint and dye last Tuesday at the center. On Tuesday the ones that are weaving will see the very nice color combinations on very old pillowcases that will be then cut into strips to go into either placemats or rugs. I forgot to take pictures. Maybe LouAnn will remember.

Then north. We stopped in Berea to see the visitor arts center that I've been meaning to stop at for a couple of years already. That was nice and we got an idea for another bag made from a rug.
On we drove. We decided not to go too long and I suggested we stop at Columbus, Indiana. Linda said, sure, I've got a friend that lives there!! So we called to see if she wanted to meet us for coffee. She couldn't but would we like to come to her place in the morning? So we left the hotel at 8am and drove 15 miles out into the "deep country" to find Chris. She is Homestead Weaving Studio. I  think I counted about a dozen. That's floor looms! Everything from a wolf pup to at least a 60" rug loom...

 Outside her studio she has some handbags hanging....filled with plants. Hm, I think I have a few old fake leather bags at home that I could use in a similar way.

Got a sneaker or boot lying around that doesn't have its partner anymore? She planted a plant in it.
 DH will be so jealous when he sees this. Hollyhocks grow like crazy further north and especially up in Canada where I grew up. In Knoxville, not so much. So, eat your heart out, babe!! Maybe seeds from these will grow down our way. Chris promised to send some to see if we would have any luck with them.
 I like the way she has her border by the front walk. She used old dinner plates to mark the edges.
 Yard sales would be good places to find some. You could color coordinate the yard with them. Kind of a fun idea for a small area.
 We only were able to stay there about an hour and then wind our way back to the interstate.  Driving up via Chicago with the toll booths and traffic wasn't as bad as it would have been had it been during the week. It's also a long way around Chicago! It seemed like we'd never get through.
Then continuing north we went through Green Bay WI. There we pulled out our maps. I had a trip tik from AAA and Karen had emailed me maps to print out and bring. Between Linda and I we found out way to Karen in the Woods. It's amazing after reading her blog how familiar it all was. We got there late afternoon and I don't think anyone quit talking til midnight eastern time!
Karen has the blog RV'ing: Small House...big Backyard. What a wonderful hostess!! We had lasagna, salad and garlic bread for supper. Then down to the studio to see the looms. She has 4 rug looms and a 60" 12 harness LeClerc. All had warps on them. Linda is staying there for the week and I suspect they will be doing some playing down there!!
 The pile of fabric in front of Linda is the result of the classes Karen has taken with Jason Collingwood. I think that Juanita hosts? I told Linda she has to go next year. She loves weaving rugs and he is the expert! 
If you read Karen's blog you see her dogs all the time. Only Duke was inside just before I left so I took a picture of him. He is such a sweetheart!!! Loves to jump up on the sofa and really snuggle next to you or else get a toy for you to play tug o war with! 
I left them by 11am eastern time this morning and headed north. I'd driven about an hour when it began to rain. It rained all the way to Hancock and it is still raining tonight. The forecast is for lows in the 40s and highs in the 60s. I packed way too many clothes but I suspect I'll be wearing them all. We'd left 90 degree weather so it was hard to pack!
I've got my loom in the classroom. I didn't take any pictures on the way today. It was so wet!!! I did drive by some body of water. I'll check to see what it was and hope to stop next Sunday when I leave to take a picture of two.
Two Midwests ago Pat and I met Ellen from Michigan. She couldn't come last time but we've stayed in touch and I knew she was coming to this one. Just a few minutes ago she walked into the 4 bedroom suite I'm staying in. Her room is right next to mine! Couldn't have planned it better if I'd tried!
I am supposed to blog on Mondays but since I"m getting up way too early tomorrow and class is all day I decided to just be early.
Here's to learning new things and meeting new friends!


Tina J said...

Have a great time Carol! I know you two will come back with tons of stories to tell. We will miss you this Tuesday!

LA said...

Wow! What an adventure you are having!!! I'll get that picture on Tuesday, and in the meantime, get lots of pictures from your class!

Bonnie said...

I know that you will enjoy your class and enjoy seeing old friends and making new ones. Sounds like Linda will be having fun also.

Linda said...

It was a fun trip up and getting to see Chris and Karen is the icing on the cake!! You will have to tell us about all you learned!

Two Guys and a Loom said...

So great that you got to see Chris.....what a wonderful lady and weaver!!!!