Friday, June 24, 2011


It isn't often that I do a manicure.  The main reason that I don't usually bother with it is because my hands are regularly subjected to tasks and common elements that make them look like this!

or even after washing they look like this!

So you can see that it really isn't something that is worth the trouble.  But, this week I am going on a trip to Texas to see my Mom and then my Texas grandbabies!   That means a week without gardening, or mucking out the stalls, there will be no hoof trimming, or tomato stringing, no basil picking or hay and feed hauling! 

So you can be sure that this evening when all the chores are done, I will be cleaning off this old chipped polish and putting on some new!  (I may have to take some bleach to my fingers though, those tomato vine stains are really tough.)  My Husband will say, "Phew, what is that smell!"

ETA!  While I was running those last minute errands, I ended up stopping in to get a manicure!  They do such a nice job, and it will last longer too!

Until next time,
Happy Weaving  y'all, Tina


LA said...

Don't those hands look FINE!!!! Have a great time with the family!

Bonnie said...

Doesn't having good looking nails make you feel glamerous. Every woman should have that done at least once. Have fun with those grandbabies and you mom.

Linda said...

Have fun! Your hands look great!