Saturday, June 11, 2011


  My sister and I spent yesterday up in the Great Smoky Mountains and Townsend.  I couldn't resist this is a great reminder of OUR roots which run deep here in the mountains of East Tennessee.  I also think that it represents the hard struggle of the people who used to live in these mountains....they clung to the land and thrived despite the conditions.
  Besides wanting to spend the day in our beloved Smokies, I was looking for the book, Heirlooms & Artifacts of the Smokies, which was published by the Park Service.  It catalogs all the stuff warehoused by the Park Service from the farms that were bought out when they created the National Park.  .

  Since we didn't have an agenda, we pulled over where ever we wanted, and I took lots of pictures.  The rhododendron and star gazer lilies were in bloom.....and there were lots of people enjoying the icy waters of the river.  I have played in that water before, and I can attest that it COLD!

I finished up the black warp, and gave Joyce the honor of cutting it off the loom.

There were 4 pairs of mug rugs and 2 pod pockets.  I also had an extra orange mug rug and one yellow "let's play with the pattern" mug rug.  (Yes...those are blind slats used as spacers between the pod pockets!)

  Here are three of Carl's totes that are getting the button loops hemmed before they are washed.  I knew I would need to tackle them in small bites, so I serged the edges of the first 3 and I work on the loops while I watch TV.  One is done, I'm half way through the second one, and I'm planning on finishing the third one this morning when I return from the post office.  Then they can be washed and dried and sewn together.  I think that doing three a week is a manageable plan.

  That will give me time to get my warps on the two Pups and get those warps going, too.  Heaven knows that I'm never bored with so many projects going at once.

  My sister asked me if I could do a large tote for a friend of hers this weekend......maybe if she sews the strips together that could be arranged!  Team work has its advantages!  It could be that our ROOTS are showing......that mountain "can-do" attitude.  You gotta love it!
  Congrats to Tina on the birth of her twin "kids."  Go over to Farmstead and take look!!!
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

The bags really look nice. You really do a great job with th loop closure.
It sounds like you and Joyce had a lot of fun.

Tina J said...

Don't you just love it when Joyce comes to town!
You really are working thru your finish it up list, good for you!

Anonymous said...

I like the roots analogy. Lots of intertwining roots, that's for sure!
Did you find the book? I haven't looked for it yet. Next time DH goes to the mountains, I'll have to get him to pick it up for us!!
Love it when a warp comes off!! and the bags are awesome. Take your time, there's no rush!