Tuesday, June 7, 2011


It's that glorious feeling when you come to the end of the warp:

CUT IT OFF!!!!!    (do not pass GO, do not collect $200!)

Just do it!

We counted eleven small tote bags on the warp....that doesn't count the three that have already been cut off and made.  So, that makes a total of 14 that were on that warp!   Carl is going to weave rugs next on one of the barn looms.

Sara came to the end of her warp today, too.  This is her very first project, and I think she was pleased.

  Sara is already thinking about what she'll weave next!

  Maggie got to be with us today.  She finished threading the 8 shaft loom, and started weaving.  The dark peach and brown make a wonderful combination on this pattern.

Nada is feeling much better, and she was back today.....busy winding a warp!!!!

We're still missing Bonnie....the X-ray showed two fractures in her foot.  Maybe she'll feel up to having lunch with us next week.

And, Ms. Bonnie was AWOL today, too! 

Ms. Ila is still working on scarves.....and they are so beautiful!!!! 

  Lanny is working on the third scarf on this warp.  He says there is still one more after this one!

Allan was back in the corner working on the rug warp on the barn loom.  He reported to us at lunch about his inspection of the annex building.  It looks like we might be doing something besides weaving in the near future!!!

Since we needed one more warped loom for Kid's Kamp, Allan wound a quick warp for Tina to put on the loom.  She threaded the table loom for a simple tabby.  The kids always have such a great time weaving on the looms.

  We all agree that there is never enough time to do all the weaving we'd like to do.  So many things we'd love to weave, and never enough time!  But, we do enjoy doing what we do!

Next week is Dye Day, and Tina & I will be putting a sectional warp on one of the looms.   In the meantime:
Happy Weaving!


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of all the weavers! Might not have gotten as much done as we'd planned but then, we never know what's going to happen when we get there on a Tuesday! Getting the looms ready for Kids Kamp is a top priority about this time of year! Esp since it's starting next week!!

Anonymous said...

Roxie sez
Woo hoo! Love the finish of a project almost as much as the starting of the next. Happy, busy time for one and all.

Tina J said...

I wish that we could really catch Ila's scarf, but I am afraid that no picture is going to be able to pick up that pattern! It is beautiful!