Friday, June 17, 2011


I have come up with a way to wind the pirns for my end feed shuttles that fits my pace right now.  I have tried to tame the electric winder that I have on loan from Lou Ann, but it is just plain wild!  I had also tried the hand crank bobbin winder, but with 38 pirns to wind that can be a bit much.

I had recently noticed that the treadle sewing machine was not as intimidating to me as the electric models that I have. So I thought I would give this a try.

  It seems I have become a fan of foot powered tools all the way around!  I have to put a wee bit of  t-shirt material on the tip of the spindle in order for the pirn to stick.  I also have to support the end of the pirn, and I did end up putting on a glove for that.

I may see if I can do regular bobbins this way too!

This should be enough to do 2 Baby Blankets.  I have finished the blanket in Old Rose and have started one with this color of pale pink, it is really looking good.

That is all for now, with all the rain we have had, the garden is too wet to get into to weed.   I can go up to the studio and weave some and comb some wool to spin.  I may even thread up the new Leclerc I got last week, who knows.  I am never bored, that is for sure!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

You're about to get pirn winding down to an art. Did you try the dimmer switch on the electric winder, yet???

Bonnie said...

Those prin are big. Have you tried winding them on the spinning wheel? Seems like with some help it might work. When you get the new loom threaded, you will have to take a picture for us to see it.

Bonnie said...

Looking back at the pictures, I see you already tried the spinning wheel. Did it not work?

Tina J said...

It worked wonderfully!