Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Cutting off a warp is ALWAYS a cause for celebration! We plan the project, wind the warp, dress the loom and weave and weave and weave! Today we had TWO warps that were finished and cut off! TWO!!! Carl finished his placemats on the Harrisville, and Maggie finished the 20 yard multi-colored warp that Linda used as a demonstration for sectional warping last summer.

Linda wove on that warp for a bit, then Maggie volunteered to weave on it, too. Some of the placemats and runners were cut off earlier. After it was rolled out, Pat did her best to get a final count for that warp. Amazing!!! Simply amazing!

As two warps were being cut off, new warps are going on. Ms. Bonnie has her warp chained and ready to go on "Bessie" as soon as some repairs are made to the loom. Marta and Ann were busy winding their warp on the loom (it goes so much faster with two people working together!)

Sharen, Bonnie, Joyce and Ila spent the day weaving away on their projects. Busy, busy, busy!

Along with all the weaving, there were plans being made, too. Maggie, Lanny and Tina had their heads together looking at budgets, instructors, vendors and floor plans for the Fiber Forum next April. It just makes your head whirl!!!!

So....let it rain....we need it around here. We were warm and cozy at the Center.

Happy Weaving!


Tina said...

It is always a milestone when a warp comes off the loom, not to mention a 20 yarder! I love the new warp going on the loom too, it is like a new relationship starting, you just never know where it will end up.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I missed a great time! Diva luncheon went well but it'd have been more fun out at the center! Congratulations on emptying those looms!

Bonnie said...

We got a lot done today.

Maggie said...

Yes, a new warp is like a relationship! I'm going into new territory with the linen at the center, and planning my CVHG afghan warp at home.

Theresa said...

Linen isn't half as bad as they say. I actually like weaving with it, as long as its not rug warp linen!
OMG, 20 yards, I can't imagine doing 20 yards of the same warp but it sure looks impressive off the loom! Congrats to Carl, hope we get to see those finished placemats!