Saturday, April 24, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Comes.....

The weather folks are in their element today! Wind! Rain! Lightning! Thunder! Hail! Tornadoes???? They even have coined a new term: TOR:CON. That stands for Tornado Condition Index.
We were warned during the week about possible stormy weather for today, so I made my plans last night. I had an order that had to go to the post office this morning, and I wanted to get there before it started raining. Since I was going to be out early, I thought I'd go by the Farmers' Market in Jackson Square before I headed back home. I LOVE the Farmers' Market!!! I have been looking for 4 cherry tomato plants to put in the planter, and everywhere I've looked has been sold out. I had my fingers crossed that I would find some today. I was in luck! But, you never just buy what you came for....oh no! I got some new lavender plants from the lady from Erin's Meadow Herb Farm (I really need to spend a day over there!) And, there were some yummy baked goods at another stall. Just take a look at that cinnamon roll!!! I couldn't resist! I was back home before 10:00 a.m.! (I know the other Tuesday Weavers are in shock at that...I never can get TO the Center before 10 o'clock!)

I also got some pictures of my fringe tree (weeping ash) before the wind and rain can knock the blooms off of it. It just lights up my yard!

Today will be a good day to work on my tote bags. I've started on #2 and made some adjustments to my measurements for this one. I'm using some different fabric strips that are around 3 yards long each. I had a 10 pound cone of blue mop cotton that I cut 6 yard cords for the braided handles. I really liked the round braid for my lap top tote, and this mop cord is braiding very nicely. Again, I centered each cord in the shed, and left the remainder hanging out on each side. I want a 30-36 inch braid before I weave the cords back into the bag. I should get a lot done today!

Stay safe, my friends! Do you know where your "safe spot" is???
Happy Stormy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

I like that farmers market also. Those totes really look nice. You will have to bring them in when you get done. Yeah, that tree is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Did you buy us some cinnamon rolls??? LOL.

Our safe spot is in my current studio in the basement. After I move we will have more room in the basement to spread out. Good things storms don't last long!


Theresa said...

Great totes! Safe spot...hard to say. Our disaster would be a forest fire, so basically, safe would be out of the forest.
The buns, tempting, very tempting!

Maggie said...

You should read Linda's email before you eat that bun!