Friday, April 16, 2010


I was outside in the soon to be garden the other day. I was surveying the work I had in front of me this year. (groaning) I looked up to see my DN (dear neighbor) walking across his field to ask me something, and I knew what the question was going to be. "Don't you want me to till this year?"

You see I wasn't going to till this year, I have read for years about the benefits of the no-till-deep mulch- method and I thoroughly believe in it, it is just that I have been less than successful in carrying it out. This year I thought, I am not working outside the home, I will be able to tackle the job.

I moved some fences around this last week, mostly to get a u shaped chicken run around the garden. I figure they can be a barrier against the garden pests on 3 sides. I also doubled the garden, after all I am not working outside the home anymore so I can handle it. The first day I started driving the fence posts I drove in 3 and was done in. I realized that I hadn't had breakfast and I went in and just never got back to the fences that day. The next day however, Wally and I managed to get the other 18 posts in and all the chickens wrangled into their new pasture.

When we moved in here 9 years ago this month, I was in my early 40's, and while walking Wally 2 miles a day has made my early morning shadow look really good, (though I think it is stretching the truth a little) I am having to work hard to get myself ready for full force gardening this year. Just because I have more time to do it doesn't mean that my body is all in favor of it!

So I looked at my garden with the area I had added, all that sod, I thought of the hours I would have to spend ripping it all out, I turned to my neighbor and I said sheepishly "yes please, but don't tell my husband."

Happy Weaving and Gardening, Tina


Anonymous said...

Wow, you sure have been busy! When you get done come here!! The back yard of the studio is a blank slate! The good news is...after all those chickens that were there the dirt is really rich!


LA said...

You are so lucky to have a neighbor that will til the ground for you! That's going to be some garden!!!

Anonymous said...

You're so fortunate to have a large flat area where you can have a garden! My yard is on a hill, too many trees, and I haven't been successful yet with a tomato plant. this year we're going to try the topsy turvy planters from the deck!

Tina said...

P.S. I came in to check the time, and get a drink. So far I have put up the support system for the tomatoes, (more fence posts), planted the tomatoes, and transplanted the lettuce and the peas.
I am off to water it all and then to a meeting with Lou Ann. I will get the rest in this afternoon.
I think the hardest part was getting out of the door this morning and getting started.

Bonnie said...

You have been busy. I agree. The hardest thing to do is get out the door. Looks like it will be a great garden.

Maggie said...

I love the picture of Wally on the front porch.