Saturday, April 3, 2010

Card Weaving

It's not like I need something new to do.....but for the last year or two, these two words keep creeping into my consciousness: card weaving. I think I saw it first when I was looking for some weaving activities to do with children. It would pop up in books and websites and tease me. But truthfully, I just didn't get it! I wove some simple bands on my loom to use for handles on one of my totebags, but they were nothing fancy.

WeaveZine has some articles that I have read and listened to.

YouTube has some videos that are really interesting.

I bought Candace Crockett's book, Card Weaving.

Yesterday I finally just signed up for a class!

Tina and I are going to the Tennessee Fiber Festival in Middle Tennessee at the end of May and we're going to finally figure this out!!!! There's another class we are going to try and take, but the registration is messed up on it. (Using Kool-Aid to dye fabric!) And, don't be surprised if you see us tackle back strap looms, too. After all, knitters take their knitting with them everywhere; so why can't I weave everywhere??? (Oh no! I'm becoming that crazy lady that my Mom warned me about! I already have two cats!!!)

Now that I have a plan of action, I can put my obsession on the back burner and get some other things done. It's not like I don't have plenty to keep me busy in the meantime!

Happy Weaving, y'all!


Theresa said...

Inkle weaving has been niggling at me....
Sounds like some awfully fun classes. Hope the registration gets straightened out in your favor.

Tina said...

Road Trip!!!!

Maggie said...

That'll be fun! Crazy cat lady! Next thing you know, you'll be shopping at Kroger in your jammies, mumbling to yourself about radiation!

LA said...

Uh-oh...we can't do Kool-Aid dyeing. It's at the same time as Card Weaving. But, I've found a great website about Kool-Aid in the meantime. I guess this means we'll just have to scope out the vendors!!!!

Anonymous said...

Any ideas on keeping my card weaving clean? I'm making bracelets to sell. Can I spray them with something like scotch guard?