Sunday, April 18, 2010

Money and Waffle

My white azaleas aren't in bloom yet so I can't show them in all their glory, yet! However, shortly after we moved here in the early 80s, we planted a red azalea bush after my Grandmother died. I wanted a bit of color among all that white. Well, there isn't alot of sun at my front door. The azaleas are still doing ok but long and leggy. These flowers are about 6 feet above the ground!
Living in the area that we are, it's all pretty natural. One of the wild plants that someone must have orginally planted is moneyplant! There are 2 colors, purple and white. We have both. We don't plant them. They just come up where they please. Right now they're in full bloom and as the flowers fade, round circles grow that eventually will dry.

Here's a plant left over from last year. All you have to do is rub off the skin on each side of the circle and you've got a translucent circle that's awfully pretty. When I do pick them in late summer, I rub off the seeds outside. Nature can use a bit of help sometimes! We're never sure where they'll make an appearance. These plants take 2 years to mature. The first year it just grows about 6 inches high and then dies back. It's the second year that you have the show of flowers. One year, years ago, I decided to weed the front patch. Yup, I pulled up all those baby money plants. Took several years to get back to having them each year again. Is that a reason not to weed the garden?

DH is into wildflowers and years ago he planted some trillium in our front yard. These are happy!

Lenten rose is still blooming. They started blooming a bit later in winter than normal and these are near the trillium and still going strong!

I've been weaving on my waffle weave towels. Using alot of different colors in the weft takes time. However, it's so worth it when you take them off the loom, wash them and hem them. Make great gifts! If you look closely, you can see a t pin near the top of where I've been weaving. I am changing colors as they are placed on the warp. Because of the way the progression is, I'm keeping up with where I am by placing the pin in the part that corresponds with the warp. That way I'll know where I am when I get back to that loom. I'm a good third of the way done on this towel! I do have another progression for the beginning and end of the towel which is noted on a paper near the loom, but the easiest way to follow the middle part of the towel is to just watch the warp and weave like it!
Still have pretty neutral warps on my Nilus so there aren't any pictures of that. Interruptions are still keeping me from weaving as much as I'd like. However, this is a new week and we can always hope for more time, right?!


Bonnie said...

When everything is in bloom, I bet it is beautiful. I really love those towels. I have not done waffle weave yet. I start to do it and for some reason move to something else. Those colors are great. Who knew?

LA said...

The dish towels are wonderful! And, I know you are enjoying all the spring plants...they're lovely! It's a great time of year to be HERE!