Wednesday, April 28, 2010

As the overshot turns...

Last week, I bemoaned my threading problems and ordering problems, having a threading error in the center--why is it always in the center?--of my turned overshot warp. I ordered the wrong length of replacement heddles, something I was wanting to try after my dissatisfaction with self-made thread heddles on the shag rug warp. Got the right size last week, but I was simply too busy to get them on the loom. It's spring, and the yard was beckoning! I slid 3 of them onto shaft 6, so easily, and threaded them with the 3 from shaft 5. I twisted threads three times, and was about to give it up for the day, but took a deep breath, refocused and got them all in line.
I started weaving, and quickly found out what Jean Scorgie was talking about when she described the stickiness of the threads being so closely warped. This warp is 24 epi in the tabby portion, but 48 epi in the pattern area. She suggests using a shed stick to clear the shed after every throw, and I definitely needed to do that. In the sideways photo, you can see the stickiness in the very middle of the warp. I strummed the warp, and rebeat after each treadling change, but still needed to go in after each change to hand-separate the center threads. This is going to take a long time! One thing I don't like about my Colonial is the ropes that tie the shafts to the upper, um... doohickies! They get in the way of having a well-tensioned warp, right in the center. They don't all line up, either, and they sometimes catch on shafts and hold them up, making a clear shed difficult to achieve. I hope I get used to it soon, and figure out ways around them. If anyone else has a Colonial and knows how to overcome this, let me know!

Here's the first complete repeat of the design. I love it! That is the best thing about overshot, turned or otherwise: You get to see the pattern progress as you go, no waiting for the end result. And I love this particular pattern. I need to figure out a better place to hang the treadling progression, because right now, it's taped to the top beam of the loom, which is quite high. I treadle, throw and have to look waaaaaaay up to see the next treadling! Again, any suggestions would be appreciated!
I left the center early yesterday, after giving B@#$%* a good cleaning. My next warp on him will be 20/2 linen, for some finger-manipulated lace hand towels. I simply needed to be at home yesterday, planting, threading, baking, hanging out with the pets, but next week, I will be winding that linen warp! Below is the first half of the warp for the Clinch Valley afghan project, a cotton flake warp and weft. Tonight, I'll wind the other half, and through the week, I'll thread it, early in the morning with my morning coffee, my furry entourage watching.
Until then, happy weaving!


Theresa said...

I love the pattern too! My only suggestion is to write Joanne Hall (Glimakra) about the center cords. While she deals Glimakra looms the set ups on the CM looms are all pretty similar. She might have some tips.
Happy weaving!

Tina said...

I love the turned overshot you are doing right now. I am soooo tempted, but I don't have a loom free right now.
You may need to use a temple with that cotton flake warp, it can be a bear about breaking those edge threads.

LA said...

You'll be ready for our thread soon. I'll bring my cone next week. LOVE the turned overshot! That's on my list of things to try!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty!!! Isn't it exciting to try new things?


Bonnie said...

The turned overshot pattern is really pretty. What are you making?

Maggie said...

Bonnie, I'm making curtains for my bathroom window. If that tuns out well, I'm going to make curtains for the kitchen in turned overshot, too.