Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pets & Weaving

Reading through the many blogs we follow, I have noticed a common, um, thread, if you will. We all have guests in the studio from time to time, if not at all times! Miss Etta, pictured left, is Joyce's feline friend. She doesn't help much with the weaving, but she does like to hang out in the loom room, and has been seen carrying a ball of yarn around the house once in a while.

My dear departed and much missed Wally was my constant weaving companion. I would hear his low, grumbly meow before I saw him or felt his paw tapping me on the thigh, asking permission to climb onto the warp. This is my first warp on my Navajo loom, and one of his favorite positions, I think due to the size of his belly. He finally shredded the rug from this warp so badly, I had to cut it off the loom, but I keep it now in memory of him.

Here, Pat and TwoDog are having a conversation about weft, warp
and woof in Pat's beautiful weaving area. TwoDog is sweet and well-behaved, not always two adjectives used on pets in the studio.

Weft, though aptly named
due to the surplus of gorgeous, fluffy fur, has been known to wreak havoc in my luminaria, and must now be locked out when I'm not in it. He thinks all string, yarn and fiber is fair game, and there for his enjoyment. My sister's half-finished sweater was lying on the kitchen floor last week when I came home from work, with a suspicious clump of matching yarn on the floor of the bathroom. Here is one of his favorite nap spots, high atop the studio shelves in the pattern box.

This morning, as I tamed my wild warp (see, I turned around to see I had an audience, Bella, Leo and Mr. Cow. Mr. Cow is handed to me frequently if I spend too much time at the loom. He's nudged onto my weaving stool, his soggy head waiting to be pulled in a game of tug of war. I'm also generously offered the squeaky ball, as well as the ever-slobbery Mr. Man, a fleecy teddy bear. Weaving would be lonely without these guys and their occasional reminders that there are more important things than perfect tension and nice selvedges.
Excuse me. Mr. Man has just been put in my lap. Gotta go!
Happy Weaving!


LA said...

Ah yes....I'm learning to weave with a cat in my lap. CiCi doesn't understand why my lap keeps moving when I treadle. Imagine that! Zuzu just wants to chase any loose balls of yarn when I'm winding for kits. What would we do without all that help!

Tina said...

Wally is my gardening, housecleaning, walking and weaving buddy. I know about slobber and dog hair, though his hair is the same color as our floor!

Bonnie said...

Yes, our fine four legged friends give unquestioned love and devotion. They listen to our problems without question. They are a big part of our weaving.

Theresa said...

Weaving would be a sadly solitary endeavor without them. I don't think there is a move or task I do without at least one interested companion.
They are our Ever Readies...ever ready to help out and comfort, play or just enjoy a peaceful gaze out the window, daydreaming together.
Great post and those are some fine furry friends!