Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday doings

Hello all, it is indeed Tuesday again. Carol is doing day 2 of a weaving 201 class that she does for us once a year or so. Going beyond the initial table loom class everyone does when they start out here. Next week Ann and Marta are going to warp one of the floor looms we have waiting for them.

Ann brought a wonderful thread and fabric scale used by her grandfather in his textile business. There were a tiny set of weights for cloth and a tinier set for threads. You can see the cloth weight on the scale.

The scale came in this little wooden box. It all fit so neat and tidy!

Now for the rest of us, I thought I would do close-ups of what everyone was working on.

Jane is working on a set of placemats on her table loom.

Carl is on his final placemat on the spring green warp. He will be moving onto a different loom for his next project.

This is a close up of a rug that Lanny is weaving.

Bonnis is working on a warp that Lou Ann had started. Lou Ann couldn't make it today.

Bonnie is still plugging away at the towels she started. I was going to take a few more pictures, but my camera said it was tired thank you and shut off.

So there you have is, we were missing some weavers today, and Wally was left at home today too, so I got a ton done on my warp. I will have to show you that next week.

Happy weaving, Tina


LA said...

It looks like you persevered without me! Now, if you had only found that 20 acres for me! LOL!

Bonnie said...

Sorry LouAnn, we could not find it and I guess you did not find it either. We were short lots of people today. We had a productive day weaving, but all that were not able to be there were missed.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry I didn't make it today. I was busy washing walls, raking leaves, planting a tree, raking rocks, pruning a rose bush with killer thorns and removing honeysuckle off the fence. Whew, I need a magic wand to get this house done!

Maggie said...

I wasn't quite as productive as Wonder Woman Linda, but I also slaved in the yard and house. Plants planted, weeds pulled and windows washed. It was a gorgeous day, but I missed you all, and my loom, B#%$@*!

Anonymous said...

Maggie, you do windows!!! Have I got a job for you! :-)