Friday, April 30, 2010

Get started, mess up, make do!

For the past several years this is the way I have been using my huge, door sized warping board.( I can do up to 22 yards.) Not great, I have to bend a bit, but a big improvement over when I had it upright. When it was upright, it stressed my legs way too much.
A couple of weeks ago, I was ready to get it attached to the wall. I had it propped at just the right level, reached for the drill bag, only to find that the drill was not in there!!!!

Finally we got the drill back, got everything set up again, ready to go. Stop, check battery,( a little low), switch to other battery (works fine.) (Plug in first battery so that it can charge for next time.) Stop, where are the drill bits! Or rather the socket that makes it possible to use the screwdriver tips, wait, where are the tips!!!!!!! Rummaged around in the bag, I was able to find some longer phillips head tips that would work in drill. I only have 2 screws that are phillips head, so I will have to 1.) get more phillips head screws, or 2.) go buy the pieces I need.

Anyway, I got the WB up, as you can see in the pic above, hung up the warps I had already wound, and put the pieces I need on my list. At least it is useable, though, not quite finished. What is that saying, "Reduce, reuse, recycle" I think my saying is "Get started, mess up, make do"!

Now for the rest of the day, here are my choices:

Tackle the pile of jeans that is threatening to spill all over the floor- I do have an order for a rug.

Work on the breadcloths- I thought I might make a couple of plain cloths without the lace, or maybe see if I can use the pick up stick to do warp and weft floats.

Monks belt Mug Rugs - I thought I might triple the bright weft to see if I like it better.

Wind more warps - self explanatory

Wally is asleep downstairs, we are not speaking right now. I sometimes think that he would be better off with a family and kids. I am not sure I have enough play left in me for a pup. Maybe though I just need to tough it out, you know in three years I may be saying " You know I almost gave him away, look at him now, he is so obedient, wouldn't that have been a shame"

Happy Weaving, Tina

P.S. While I was proof reading Wally came up here and is now laying at my feet, what was I thinking!


LA said...

I remember when the kids were going through the terrible twos, and I wondered if the gypsies were near by..........good thing I decided they were better off at home! Hey....get those jeans cut up 'cause I want to cut some up in a week or two, and I'll need to borrow the cutter!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I am glad it all worked out, including Wally!

Hmmmm, I grew up ( in the north) hearing about selling children to the gypsies!! I didn't know they did that here in the south, too! LOL.


Bonnie said...

It seems the tougher the puppy stage the greater the grown dog. You just hold on to that Wally. He will give you years of love.
Glad that you got the warping board on the wall. Isn't that easier. Sometimes, I think we have too many decisions to make.

Anonymous said...

My great great great something Grandmother was a gypsy. For real! So does that mean I get Wally? Wouldn't work. Molly would kill him or at least try. She is an only pet!

Anonymous said...

So I guess your mom never threatened to sell you to any gypsies. :-)