Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's Tuesday...guess where we are????

Yes, it's Tuesday again! Things are very busy in the Weaving Department today. After cutting off their warps last Tuesday, Bonnie1 is winding a new warp for her loom; Maggie realized that she was short some placemats on her warp, and she's back to weaving the last ones for the special order. (Sorry, Maggie!) Joyce is tying on her new warp, and Lanny is winding his wool rug warp on the old Rocker Loom. Tina, Ila, Bonnie2, Carl, Sharon and LouAnn are weaving on their projects. (A lot of yakking going on, but I did hear the treadles clanging some!)
The BIG news was that Chamisa had finished her first warp, and was ready to cut it off. It's always a celebration when warps are ready to be cut off the loom! Congratulations! We have a new Weaver!!!!

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Tina said...

I can see the pride in her face! What a jewell! Welcome to the weaving world.