Saturday, December 19, 2009

This & That....a little reflection.

The Nutcrackers are out; the tree is decorated; today's Sudoku puzzle is worked. Tonight I will wrap presents while I watch my DVD of Love Actually, which is one of my favorite new Christmas movies. I'm a sucker for Christmas movies........
This morning the Clinch Valley Handweaving Guild had their monthly meeting here at the house. Can I say it? I just LOVE weavers!!! What a blessing to be part of this community! Knowledge is shared, and projects are discussed and we have this interwoven life together. It's magical! Just like Christmas!!! You'll notice familiar faces in the pictures...some of the Guild members are also Tuesday Weavers. And, we tend to interweave some our activities for the benefit of both groups. We went ahead and set our meetings for 2010, and planned some of the programs. In January we'll be discussing TWILL in preparation for weaving Friendship Afghans. We also shared with the Guild the Tuesday Weavers participation in an exhibit that will be going on at the Knoxville Museum of Art starting in January. (There will be more about that later.) We will probably meet at the KMA in April to view the exhibit. We will prepare for the Fiber Festival in February; the Guild and the Tuesday Weavers will have a booth at the Townsend festival. It will be a busy year!
So, tonight, while I enjoy my movie and wrap the presents I have for my family, I will also count my blessings. I have been given many gifts, and my weaving family is one of my favorites.


Bonnie said...

Sounds like fun. Sorry I missed the meeting. I have had a confused week. I had committed to watching the grandkids,forgetting about the meeting. You will have to let me know about the afghan plans.

LA said...

Carman is going to get his clubhouse, and he and Nikki are going to some examples of twill and discuss sett. We can talk about it on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Good report on the meeting, LouAnn. Just need to add that there was good food, too. Carmen had pomegranate sandwiches, Pat brought little ham sandwiches, Sally had a fruit salad with yogurt that was divine, plus dip and sweets, made for a really good variety. Weavers bring good food, too, just as we had on Tuesday!
I'm really glad that the guild is working toward doing more projects as well. We go through different times as a guild and I'm glad that this is one where we want to challenge ourselves and keep learning.