Friday, December 18, 2009


The reveal time is here! I chose to use all the colors of yarn as a rug warp. You can see here the warp pattern I chose. This was my first sectional warping experience. It was a very positive one I might add.

You can see that the rugs took on three very different personalities.everybodies favorite seems to be the sock looper rug, and that was the one that Maggie chose. The rug with the more visible warp stripe pattern is residing in front of my sink. It has a few construction issues. The other rug will be for sale once we get our web site up and running.

I love the colors here!
I am now in the process of putting breadcloths on Lillian, sectional warping again. Cream with blue stripes. I may not get much done this next week or two, but come January it is full steam ahead!
Happy Weaving, Tina


Anonymous said...

Changing the weft makes such a huge difference in a rug. Each of your rugs has a personality that's different from the others. I'm about to discover the same thing with the warp I'm putting on my leclerc now. Looper rugs here we come!

LA said...

OK...I feel the urge to weave rugs now, too. That means that I need to get some warps woven off! Thank you, Tina, for showing us all the different rugs.

Bonnie said...

Rugs are fun and quick.