Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Boxing Day!

Don't you just love celebrating Christmas over several days??? Today I'm in Huntsville, AL, with my sister and her family. The kids & I drove down this morning, and we'll eat lunch & open presents and play a mean game of Dirty Santa. It's lots of fun! But, the best part is just being together.

back at the looms, Rudolph is making rounds, and noting that I'm not getting things finished. I guess that means that I'll start back on the challenge of weaving one hour every day, and that should get some things finished up. "John" has one rug finished, and one started. Since I don't know how long the warp was that was put on, there's no telling how many rugs are still on
that warp!!!

"Annee" has those wonderful totebags with the woven handles. I have plenty of weft, so there's no excuse for not getting those finished! Besides, we have a show coming up in two weeks, and that is one thing I wanted for display.

"Julie" is my 8 shaft Baby Wolf that I used for the Challenge Project. I have
to weave another panel for my daughter's purse. "Parker Pup" is OK....I have placemats on him, and I'll take him to demonstrate at the show in January. I didn't take a picture of "Ester"....that's another blog for another day. She's a special lady.
So, while we're celebrating Boxing Day with the family, my looms are waiting patiently for me to come home. It's so nice to be needed.


Life Looms Large said...

Happy Boxing Day!!

Looms are so patient, and that's a good thing!


Bonnie said...

LouAnn, Sue, Happy Boxing Day. Glad you and Joyce are having a great time. Yes, your looms will be there when you get home. Be safe.

Tina said...

I think this is my favorite day of the year! Years ago when the kids were young, I used to buy myself a jigsaw puzzle and work it all by myself on the day following Christmas!