Monday, December 7, 2009

Winding a Warp

When I first got started in weaving I really didn't like to warp a loom. I mean I REALLY didn't like it at all! As a matter of fact when I saw the end of the warp coming I would weave slower! Now, after warping my looms many, many, (did I say many?) times I don't even give it a thought. This is a photo of 8/2 cotton that I am winding for dish towels. I am using a Louet warping reel that my husband mounted vertically for me. This one piece of equipment that sure makes life easier for me. It is so handy and fast.
Another way to wind a warp is sectionally. Years ago I bought a Union loom and then didn't have a clue as to how to wind a warp on the sectional beam. Thanks to a very dear friend (karen in the woods) learned how to do it. Sectional warping is another way to speed up the warping process. I recently showed the other Tuesday Weavers how to do it. I don't know if I was a good teacher or not but I hope that some of them will give it a try.


LA said...

Linda--This makes me want to check out the reel in the Annex. Maybe that would be a different way to wrap that long warp.

Tina said...

Thanks to Linda, I am warping my Lillian sectionally for Bread cloths!