Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New beginnings

Yes, the New Year is right around the corner. This Tuesday we are all taking the day off from the center, to spend some more time with the families.

I am taking this day to puppy proof my house, that's right girls I said puppy proof.

After our St. Bernard died 18 months ago, we took some time to miss him. He was just about the best dog you could have. Happy to see you, but not in your face. Never met a stranger, but impressive to look at just the same.

One day the 2 year old from down the street was in the field across from us all alone. The 2 dogs that lived next to that field were coming out to investigate. They probably wouldn't have done anything, but out goes Harley to the rescue, he calmly circled between the little girl and the other 2 dogs, she grasped his tail, and he took her straight home, dropped her off at the front door and came home. How could we possibly find a replacement for that!!!!

We began talking about getting a dog this fall, and so the search began. We searched the shelter, checked out the rescue groups, were offered various dogs but it didn't seem right somehow. On my birthday this year, Dec.21 to be exact, DH handed me a card with 200 in it and an application to the golden retriever rescue.

We didn't actually get a rescue golden, but we did end up with a golden puppy, the rest of the story is much too long to tell here. Wally, as we have decided to call him is 7 weeks old tomorrow, 11 lbs., and doing well. He even slept really well last night.
I saw both parents and was impressed with their calmness and friendliness. So there you have it, the search is over, now we just have to get thru these next few months! LOL!!!

Happy weaving, Tina


Anonymous said...

Awe, how cute! Wally is an absolute sweetheart! I know you're going to have a blast raising him to enjoy being around looms!

Maggie said...

Aahhhhhh! Welcome, Wally!

Bonnie said...

He is so cute.

Life Looms Large said...

Aww! Have fun! (And keep in mind that one reason puppies are so cute is so they'll survive to adulthood....my very awesome dog was pretty tough to deal with when he was a pup!)

Enjoy the cuteness and block out the rest!


LA said...

How wonderful! He's a real charmer, I can tell. You were right to wait for YOUR dog. I'm looking forward to meeting Wally.