Thursday, December 10, 2009

Topsy Turvey

Why do you make plans? They never seem to work out. My plan for today was to go shopping at Kohl's. I got up early to go. My husband was going to run to Sam's Club while I ran into Kohl's. 9:30 we were just going out the door. Phone rings. Big mistake---he answered it. A phone system was down, he had to fix it. I decided to go on. But not to Sam's. I don't like going there. Oops--I was out of gas. Stopped, got gas-ouch! $40.00. So I decided to go back home to make one trip at a time.(save gas). I went back home and then started weaving. I was working on my shadow weave towels. Looking good. I really like this one. BUT-here it comes. I am weaving on my Macomber loom. It still has a bit of a problem. I program it but it to pick up 4 shafts. During the weaving it will just drop or not pick one up. I have to watch very close. I was really in a rhythm and did not catch several misses. So maybe somebody out there has a solution to this. Also when I advance and tighten the warp, start to weave the brake or something just gives with a big clang and the warp drops down. Any help would be great.


LA said...

Have you ever noticed that when ONE thing goes's all downhill from there? You two had a plan, that got changed, and the day spiraled from there!!! I don't have any advice for your loom....sorry! I haven't worked on a dobby loom yet. But, today was a great day to weave; lots of sunshine coming through the windows!

Bonnie said...

I found this wonderful website. A lady that has sold Macomber for 24 years. She helps people on her bolg. I am going to ask her about my problem. I think that I might have the ratchet lever for turning the front beam on backwards. I will ask her? Glad you had a good day.

Life Looms Large said...

I was just going to recommend Sarah Haskell's website Macomber Looms and Me, but it sounds like you've already found it.

Sarah's a great weaver and truly nice person. I know her in real life - and it was a scarf she wove that inspired me to start weaving.

Good luck!! Hope you get it sorted out!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, aren't weavers a wonderful group of people? Willing to help each other figure out how to improve our lives by tweaking our looms and answering technical questions! Thanks LouAnn for getting us to start this blog!

Bonnie said...

Yes, Sue I did find her site. I am really excited about talking with her. I think she would be able to help me. Yes, we weavers are a great bunch of people. Willing to share and help each other. WONDERFUL!