Thursday, December 17, 2009


Here is my Macomber Designer's Delight loom. If you recall, I have been having some trouble with it. I found the web site(Macomber Looms and Me) called the lady, Sarah Haskel, that knows this loom and has sold them for years. Check out her site. She is an awesome lady. She let me call her and talked to me about what might be the problem. Below is some of what she thought might be the problem. The computer and keys that I use to program the machine, works just fine. We went from there.
She told me to check out the pistons, which you see. They make the pedals pull the harness so it opens the shed. I am going to have to trouble shoot and see if they are all firing properly. She said that lent may get in there and cause a miss fire. She also told me to check the ratchet and dog legs (I think that is what she called it). I checked it and it is worn. I will need to replace it soon. She also suggested to put a washer at the other endof the beam to push it more to the right. Easy enough to do that.

Here are the shadow towels that have problems. I will use the rest of the warp to trouble shoot.

Happy Weaving. Bonnie


LA said...

I'm so sorry you're having trouble with that's beautiful! How neat that you've found someone to help you through the trouble shooting.

Anonymous said...

Helen wove alot on that loom before you bought it, so I guess something could have worn out. She did some awesome handtowels on there! Before the internet we'd have never known who to call to help troubleshoot!
Your shadow weave towels look really nice! You guys continue to amaze me with your talent!
Once you get it all straightened out, I think you will be thrilled with how it weaves!

Maggie said...

Those towels are yummy!