Monday, November 30, 2009


I had the same problem that a lot of weavers had: STORAGE! or lack of it! I had thread all over the house: stored in shelves and tote bags and plastic bins! I had rolls of weft in a lot of illogical places, too. And, there's still lots of fabric in bins, but they are in the big closet. What to do????
Ah, ha! When I had to have some work done in my laundry room this Fall (due to water damage) I had the carpenters build me 15 inch cubbies to sort and store my thread and weft. Now I can walk in and see exactly what I have without running all over the house to find it. I'm still moving some of the weft to the cubbies, but it is almost done.
Do you have this problem, too? I'm sure most of you have a lot more thread to store, and have figured out the best way to do that. Any suggestions? I'm still learning!


Anonymous said...

Having a place to put all that yarn and being able to see it is just awesome!
The cubbies look great! This'll free up some other spaces for you and you'll be just so happy when you start a project and check what you have. It'll be great as well when we all order yarn and you can see exactly what you have so you don't order more than you need!

Tina said...

The Cubbies are great! I am still working on storing all my fabric and yarn! I am using some wooden shelves from lowes and some of those plastic shelves you can put together in a moment. Not the best but it is ok for now. When I figure something out I may post about it. ( don't hold your breath)

Bonnie said...

Looks great. How wonderful to have them all together. My yarn is on plastic shelves, like Tina. For not it will do.

Maggie said...

I love the cubbies!