Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The AVL is looming large in my new "back studio," attracting the cats' and dog's attention, and sweetly whispering to me as I sit at my computer. Everyone, including Leo, wants to know how soon I'll be working on the new loom. I'd like to address those concerns now.
Today happens to be 2 days before a certain major holiday in this part of the world. As we see, I am making my boyfriend a stocking that is NOT QUITE finished. I've been knitting on it
since 4:30 this morning in a desperate attempt to finish it before
I need to run out and buy stuff to fill it. And there's the dessert and bread I need to make today for Mom's Christmas Eve dinner tomorrow. And the chef's coats I must iron before I go back to work tomorrow morning. Chefs don't get holidays off!

Then, let's talk about how little I know about AVL's, 16 shafts, dobby, computer assisted weaving, etc.
I have a 4 shaft LeClerc Artisat and an 8 shaft LeClerc Colonial. In the photo, we see 4 of the shaft assemblies for the Colonial leaning on the wall.
Now, they're leaning on the wall because about a year ago, I wanted to weave a rag rug, and knew I couldn't do it on the Artisat. I started to thread a tabby warp and had too much trouble reaching through those four shafts I didn't need. They've been leaning against the wall ever since.

So now I have set a goal for myself, and it might be a little longer term than my lovely, generous and kind friends might want to know about. I will finish the rug warp on the 8 shaft, thanks to LouAnn's donation of white weft. I will then put the 4 shafts back on the Colonial, choose a threading from Carol Strickler's book, one with multiple treadling possibilities and plunge into more-than-four shafts!
Yes, LouAnn, that is Leo's tail in the photo! He jumped on the table while I was composing the picture. But just in the time it took to enjoy that tea and cookie break from knitting, I found many, many possible patterns. Made me want to order more yarn... but it's almost Christmas and I have stockings to fill. Happy Holidays to everyone! Weave on!

P.S. What I neglected to say is a HUGE thank you to all my weaving buddies for dismantling, moving and reassembling the AVL yesterday, and for entrusting me to love, nurture and use it. I cannot thank you all enough, not even with soup, sandwiches and cookies. Thanks to LouAnn for photographing the process. I will try to include a link to my facebook photo album of the whole event.


Anonymous said...

I think it's a good plan! You have to be confident in what you're doing before you tackle the "monster" that the AVL can be before it's understood. I know whereof I speak!!!
Good luck finishing the stocking. It looks awesome! I am in great awe of anyone that can knit, esp patterns like the stocking!

Bonnie said...

Sounds like a plan. You will have fun while you tackle this new venture.

Tina said...

January is such a good month for new beginnings isn't it. I too have a loom I bought months ago, that has yet to see a warp! I will be really patient with you. LOL!!!

LA said...

Sounds to me like you have a plan. That's good! For me, next week will be a cleaning out week so that I can get to everything that's been stuffed back while the remodel project was going on. I'm glad Leo has taken to the new loom....that's important. We all have new things to look forward to in the new year!