Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's Tuesday!

Yes, it is Tuesday once again, and we are all together, (I think LaDonna was the only one who couldn't make it) not to weave at the center like we normally would, but to celebrate Christmas and to reveal the weavers challenge projects that we have been working on this past year.

Allen and Sharon were gracious hosts, and they have a wonderful great room that accomodated all 22 of us! There was food from every food group imaginable, and plenty of it. First however, all the challengers, there were 8 of us, stood in a circle, and began to pass the wrapped items around the circle to the left, we had music playing. When the music stopped, the passing stopped. We then began to unwrap the items we had in our hands. Oh the oooing and the aaaaing went on for quite some time!

Carol had taken the challenge and made a purse with the established yarns, Maggie made handtowels, Lou Ann made a monks cloth purse, LaDonna and Ila collaborated and made a vest, hat and purse, Pat made a runner and I made rugs.

We took lots of pictures, and I know that Lou Ann is going to add some to this post. I also know that the next post I make on Friday, I will go into greater detail about my rugs. I am sure you will be hearing more details on some of the other projects too.

After we were done and the projects admired and tucked away, we then exchanged our Christmas presents. We again stood in a circle and began to pass the gifts, to the right this time. When the music stopped we began to open the presents that we had in our hands. It was really a fun way to distribute the presents, and quicker than any way I have seen!

Then it was time to eat, and I imagine those pictures will say it all.

Happy Weaving, Tina and Lou Ann


Bonnie said...

Fun was had by all.

Maggie said...

It was a great, festive party! Yummy food and great gifts. I love my rug, which is now lying on the floor in my matching bedroom. Thanks, Tina! And my luscious hand towel is in the bathroom. Thanks, Linda!

LA said...

What a wonderful day! I'm still in awe at the Challenge Projects!!! It sure seems like we all tried something new and different! And, the lunch was out of this world!!! If we decide to stop weaving, maybe we should open a diner????

Anonymous said...

I am always amazed at the ideas people have when given a challenge. Even the things that were woven for the general exchange were interesting and very cool. So, what colors to pick for the next challenge starting in January to be completed by Christmas....hmmmm! Any ideas?

Tina said...

I can't wait to start the challenge for next year! Let see.....2 blues, orange and black.