Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Sunny Tuesday

     Remember this shawl????  Bonnie worked and worked to get it threaded on her loom, and this is the end result!
   Well worth waiting for, don't you think?
  The camera did not pick up the metallic thread used in the weft, but it adds just the right amount of "bling" for this shawl.  Bonnie also added some crystal beads to the fringe, which was the perfect touch!


  Liz is planning a white warp of twelve place mats and a table runner.  She started winding the warp on the little reel.  Ray was on hand to give her tips and tricks for winding.

   Pat is still hard at work on her colorful warp...how much did she put on that loom!  (I'll keep asking that!)
  Christy is trying to keep up with the demand for blue jean strips for Carl....that's really a full time job!  (I hate to tell her, but we'll have another load of blue jeans coming in next week...shhhhhhh....don't tell her!)

 Carl is already sleying and threading the loom for the next warp.  He's a "front to backer", which is perfect for our newer weavers to see.  (Chapter 2 of the Mary Black book is all about dressing the loom.  Carol teaches us the back to front method.)

  Don't let the phone fool you....Alyce really did get some weaving done today.  Sometimes you just have to take care of business.
  Sharon and Frieda were in on the action, too!


  Ahhhh....finally!  The black warp is DONE!  Linda had six placemats and two runners on the cloth beam.  We need to look back on the blog and see when we put on this warp....I know it's been awhile.  And, how many yards did we wind????  This means we'll be winding on another sectional warp, which our new weavers will get to see.

  Margi brought several projects to share with us today.  She belongs to an artist guild, and she has been having loads of fun repurposing woven pieces.
  (We need to work on her hammering skills!)

  Tina finished her tie-up, and wove a little sample looking for threading errors.  This is a turned twill from Strickler's book.  With this threading, she can do two versions of towels.   After she reworks the side patterns, she'll be ready to weave a bunch of towels!

  Just part of the job!!!!  Time to tie up the treadles, which means that Ms. Ila will be weaving next week.    Bonnie is a great friend!!!!

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

Looks like it was quite a happy place yesterday. Love that painted warp Ms. Ila has ready to weave on her loom. My gosh you guys have quite a herd of looms.