Friday, February 16, 2018

Creative Energy

I have found that I only have so much creative energy in me at any given time.  I go from one craft to another almost in a cycle.  I don't work on more than one or 2 things at a time and often just one project is taking all of my available time and energy.

That is the way it is right now, I went looking thru my recent photos for something to share and all I saw was photos of  the Jacobs fleeces laid out getting ready to be washed.  Unless you are a fleece hound like I am, when you have seen one Jacobs fleece you have pretty much seen them all.  Even I have had to resort to keeping track of the fleeces online on Ravelry.  I have to label and post the picture right away, or I will get all these fleeces mixed up, and I really don't want to do that!

 I wash one fleece at a time, and label it on the drying racks.  That label will follow the fleece throughout the processing, from washing to yarn to blanket.  That is the only way I will be able to put the animals number on the retail tag for the blanket or garment.  I think it gives a nice touch, if I can pull it off.

So back to the energy thing.  Right now I am only washing fleeces, (I do have a pair of socks on the needles for evening time)  I have finished washing the 31 mature fleeces and I am making good progress on the 18 lamb fleeces that are remaining.  I washed 2 fleeces yesterday, and I hope to wash 3 more fleeces today, then the drying racks will be full and it will be another week before they will be dry enough to move off of the drying racks to load up 6 more.  These lamb fleeces are so much smaller than the mature fleeces they will be washed before you know it!

This time of year, the fleeces spend about a week on the drying racks, a week in a cloth pillowcase and then another week or so in a plastic bag with the top open.  Only then, if it is truly dry will I vacuum pack it,  the label visible with all the info about the fleece.  Now I am working on where to store all of these fleeces, the vacuum packing isn't really keeping it's vacuum, but the fleeces still take up a whole lot less space than before.

I am keeping track, as I said of all this info on Ravelry, even down to where I am storing each fleece, which tub or cabinet can I find a specific fleece, also if there is anything interesting about the fleece.  Is it really soft or maybe it is a little coarser than some of the others.   Is the fleece two or three colors, or maybe it is lilac, which means that it has grey undertones, light to dark.  I figure all that info will come in handy, when I get around to processing.

For the next week or so the fleeces will continue to take almost all of my energy, but once they are all clean and stored, the fun will begin.  I do have some plans for the empty looms and hopefully I will soon be able to talk about those plans.

That is it for now, the timer just rang and it is time to spin out the first wash on Jacobs lamb fleece #2.

Until next time, Happy Crafting, Tina

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LA said...

All of that documenting will make for an interesting tag for woven items. Great idea!