Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler

  For those of us who might have trouble with that phrase, it's pronounced "lazay lay bon tom roulay."

  Thank you, Christy, for providing King Cakes for our Fat Tuesday!  These cakes were complete with beads and doubloons in case someone wanted to start dancing and begging for more!

  And, not to be outdone, Ray MADE us chocolate strawberries with cream filling.

  Now this is the way to celebrate Fat Tuesday!!!!!!

  It was time for Carl's warp to come off the loom.

     That was SEVEN rugs that came off of his loom. 

I love how the different denim makes such lovely stripes in the rugs!!!!

   After the rugs are cut apart, the rugs have to have their fringes knotted.  Marie and I sat down with Carl and got the job done lickety-split!!!!

  Carl wasn't the only one cutting off a warp today.  Liz finished the towel warp on her loom, and now she tackles the job of hemming the towels.  Thank you, Marie, for sharing this pattern!

Yeah....we are getting our new roof!  The fund raiser for this roof began last Fall, and now it's a reality.  The only drawback are the nails in the driveway!!!  Polly ran her BIG magnet over the parking area here in the back of the Center and picked up a bunch of nails.  We all parked on the side road to the Center, needless to say!  Thank you, Polly.

  We DO have Good Times....just keep them rolling on!!!!

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

Always good times rolling there that's for sure! King cake looked so yummy!