Thursday, February 22, 2018

Spring Showers

  The air even smells like it does during a spring shower...there isn't another scent like it in the world!   We also had some thunder....just like a spring storm!

  Only....this is the twenty-second day of FEBRUARY in East Tennessee!!!!  You KNOW there are more freezing days to go until Spring!!!!!

  The crocus always come up and bloom early.  That's a given.

  The daffodils usually come a week or so later.  Yet, this year, they have been blooming for over a week.

  This poor little hyacinth is in shell shock.

Record setting temperatures have done a number on her!!!!

  And, the stone crop is coming up like crazy!!! 
(Remind me to thin/divide these next month!)

    But, the Lenten Roses are right on time!  They started blooming last week.  I always look forward to seeing their blossoms this time of year.  It's that little pop of color even in the snow.  If only they could tell the other plants to wait their turn!!!!

My Lenten project is coming along.  In fact, I'm enjoying finding the articles written about linen.  Everyone has their own little tip to share.
  Along the way, I've also found several articles about the history of linen, which have been very interesting.
  I just keep reminding myself that folks have been weaving with linen for eons....surely I can, too.  And, I give thanks for publications that have an index....they are my lifeline.

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

I love to see the spring flowers coming up, even if I know that there will be more cold weather coming our way! I am thinking about putting a linen project on that small loom I brought back home a couple of weeks ago, I will have to see if I have some inserted eye heddles that will fit it.

Theresa said...

LA, I have a whole book on linen, is it in your library? Would you like to borrow my copy?