Tuesday, February 6, 2018


  I've heard that laughter is the best medicine....and if that is true, we must be the healthiest folks around!!!!   This was the norm ALL DAY!

Ms. Ila kept Bonnie in stitches all afternoon!
  This was probably a good thing since we can't seem to locate the pattern that Bonnie wants to weave on her new warp.
  No pattern.....no threading on the loom!!!!
(I have a feeling a bunch of us are looking for that pattern in our home libraries!)

  Ms. Ila has been threading her shawl warp.  You can see the bright colors that will make this shawl exciting.

  No snow or ice to keep Jocelyn from joining us this Tuesday!   So, it's back to work on her shawl warp.

  This is Alyce's first try at overshot.  I think she's getting the hang of it!

  Pat is always ready to lend a hand....this time it was helping Frieda as the weft came off the swift.  Frieda is starting her new scarf warp.

  Linda is inching closer to the end of the black warp.  That also means that we find some loose threads in the warp!  She's getting quite a collection of weights under the warp beam!

  Carl is working on the last rug on this warp.  That means we'll have to decide on the new warp...how about some stripes????
  Sharon is still hard at work in our library.  She had the label maker working overtime to label the shelves. 

  Anna is threading her wee Structo 8 harness loom.  Did you know Anna has a sister in Australia????   Here's a big shout out to Anna's sister!!!!!

    Take a look at Ms. Ila's Dogwood Quilt!!!    All of the quilting is hand stitched.  This quilt is for her daughter.

   Remember I said there was a lot of laughter today???
Well.....Betsy was NOT laughing when she changed the tie-up on the Macomber.  (This was her first time on this loom.)  She said she was bringing her knee pads if she has to change the tie-ups again.

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

Nice to visit again and yes, I can imagine there is lots of laughter. Hope you find the pattern and I've always thought the Mac is quite easy to tie-p. Do you guys have one of the new holders for lowering those shafts instead of the silly stick? I don't but I find doing the tie ups from high to low and catching that first one makes it easy to do all the rest of that shaft (i.e.: all 8's first, then 7's etc).

Kaaren Reid said...

Do you tilt the front of the Mac onto a chair and tie-up from the back? (sitting on a chair while doing so)