Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Balmy Tuesday

  While parts of our country are digging out of the white stuff, we are having balmy, record setting temperatures in our neck of the woods.    Yet, here we were at Weaving!
  Carl supervised Marie as she wound the new warp for his rugs.  He's had his eye on this purple warp for awhile.  These outside stripes will team with a gray middle stripe for the new rug warp.

  Margi was all about getting skeins wound for dye day.  This is bamboo, which will be used for shawls and scarves.  Linda cheered her on as she wound!

  Bamboo for warps also needed to be wound at the warping board.  Joan volunteered for that duty.  An eight yard warp might be for shawls or scarves!

   Betsy found a threading error smack dab in the middle of the warp!  That calls for a repair heddle!  Thank goodness she's up for the job!

  Alyce is working on her overshot project...it's coming along nicely!  Frieda is threading her scarf warp.  Since this is an 8 harness pattern, I'm looking forward to seeing the pattern come alive!

  Helen learned about "unweaving and unwinding" today.  It's something we have to do from time to time.  The color bands in this warp look great!

    The Ladies all had plenty to do today.  Ms. Ila is finishing up the threading on the shawl warp...she should be weaving by next week.  Another pattern I can't wait to see!!!!

  Shirley is soooooo close to end of her scarf warp, but she keeps getting snapped threads on her right selvedge.  Just hang those repair threads until you can finish this warp!!!!
  Bonnie is threading...............
Another wait and see...............

  Bless Sharon's heart....she has done a wonderful job of organizing our library.  We are truly blessed with all this resource material, and it's so nice to be able to find a book when you're looking for it!!!!!

  Yes, we're all in this together!  Even when the weather beckons you to go outside and play in the sun.

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

I bet you guys have an awesome library! Enjoy your balmy weather. Maybe a big back porch to weave on when the weather's right? Roll those Pups andBW right out the door for al fresco weaving. ;-)