Monday, February 12, 2018

Black, White and Grey

The rugs are done! At least for now, I've got them done. More flannel needs to be cut before I put another rug was on the loom. There were 14 rugs altogether and it took awhile to serge and then hem all of them. I tried to make them all different but in a few cases repeating the pattern was good. That way if someone wants to get 2 of them for a bedroom, I've got them!
Or, opposites. 
I had woven all the rugs with the loopers that I thought I would. Then LouAnn decided to reclaim her garage and brought a bunch of loopers to the center and said they were not coming back home. After everyone had a chance to grab bags, I just took the rest. They're all gone now!!!
I've woven rugs before with these loopers so know how to handle them. This batch had a lot more of the black ones. In chaining the loopers, I treated the white and gray ones the same. There's a bit of depth to the rug with the change in colors between white and gray.
First of all I wanted to use a lot of the black so just added stripes of white.
Then stripes of black.
I ended up liking this black and white stripe combo so did two of them.
When was chaining the loopers, I counted 30 to a set. When I finished the striped rugs, I had 3 left so put them into this rug.
How about a solid white and gray rug? The gray is very light so you don't really notice it. It blends nicely.
There's a combination of all 3 colors that makes you think of birch trees. I had planned to just use the rest of the loopers all mixed up but there were so many black loopers, I put a stripe of black on each end. In taking  the picture, I could not get the cats off. Meg came first and Belle joined her. 
There were 4 of these. Done! They're the same but different because they were randomly chained.
There were 2 rugs left on this warp so I pulled out a bolt of flannel. Back in the day when Walmart decided to get rid of their fabric, they had 60 inch flannel for $2 a yard. I bought about 6 bolts. The turquoise and black plaid had been cut a year or two ago, but I finally cut the purple and black plaid.
The plaid is the same in this rug. The color is closer to the rug above than this one but sort of inbetween.
There's more plaid left, enough for 2 more rugs to be wove later! I've got 4 more bolts to cut. Once that's done, I'll put on another black warp.
It's really hard to take pictures of our cats. They're all grown up now and are about 2 1/2 years old. They have settled in so completely that we probably can read each other's minds. These little stinkers like to bring things up from the studio. I try to keep everything in tubs or under things but they must really have fun when I'm not down there because they find things in the most unlikely places and bring them up. Anyway, we've gotten into the habit of giving them each 5 little treats late in the evening. DH walked into the living room and was greeted by them waiting for me on my chair. After we laughed, he took this picture. Meg's on the left and Belle on the right. It's not the biggest recliner in the world but perfect for me. This is where I sit to do my handwork on the handwovens in the evenings.
It's great to be able to check something off the list of things to do. Now I'm going to keep weaving my regular production items plus work on the project for April. 
Heading down to wind a warp now.
Until next week, keep weaving!


LA said...

Your rug models are without compare!!!! Well done!!!!

Tina J said...

I know you are glad to get those loopers done! The rugs look great!