Friday, February 2, 2018

This from That

I have spent some time over the last couple of years spinning wool at the Museum of Appalachia, in Norris TN.  During the Spring and Fall there were usually school children touring the museum, and in the Summer there were several activities that included adults as well as children.  Many times I would be asked how much yarn I needed to make for a sweater for example. (and how long it would take me!) I really did not know since I have not knit a sweater out of my hand spun yarn, yet.

I kept on spinning, thinking that I was going to use this yarn to knit socks.  As it turns out the 6 bobbin fulls which turned into 2, 3ply skeins of yarn were not fine enough to make the kind of socks I like to knit and wear.  The yarn was too thick for that, but it would make a wonderful set of hats, and dare I say it would be suitable for a sweater.  However, I still did not know exactly how far these 2 skeins of yarn would go.  I did need a new winter hat though, so I began to knit one, then another and then finally a third.  (truthfully I knit the second hat twice!)

Here are the three hats, the one on the right is my hat and you can see that I have already worn it almost nonstop since I made it.  The middle hat is for my youngest daughter, and that is the one I knit twice.  I will be giving it to her on Saturday when her family is here for dinner.  The hat on the left is going to go to the shepherd that gave me the fleeces and then you can see the bit of sample I did and a small skein of yarn remaining.  (I could have sworn that there is another bit of yarn somewhere, but I can't seem to find it.)

I really have enjoyed knitting these hats, a hat can be finished in just a couple of days of knitting,  if I keep it close at hand and pick it up every time I get the chance.  I have enjoyed it so much that I have started knitting some hats for some of the grandchildren.  Simple ribbed hats like the one on the left, but they kids have chosen some colors from the commercial yarn I have on hand.  I have finished one and am half way thru the second.  I plan on giving them to the kids when I have done with all three.  Then I need to see if I can knit some for the other grands that I have spread across the country.

Anyway, this week I finally figured out that from 6 bobbins, I can make 2 skeins, and from those skeins I can knit 3 hats, that is good to know.

Until next time, Happy Crafting, Tina


LA said...

That yarn is so springy....just right for those hats! That's a great start on your handspun data base.

Nancy said...

Thanks for the pic of the lovely hats and the info! I need to do this for demos--I rarely make an attempt to determine yardage of yarn I spin when demoing, so can't answer the question of "how much" very well. I do have a short scarf and fingerless mitts from one 4 oz braid that I can show as "at least this much knitting". Sometimes I know "how long" but if I don't know how much it doesn't translate into "how long would it take to spin enough for a sweater?", does it?