Thursday, March 1, 2018


 I'm telling you folks, the world has gone crazy!!!!  The calendar is all messed up!!!!

Last week it was May!  The temps were in the high 70's and folks were running around in shorts.  (It was FEBRUARY!!!)  Flowers and trees started blooming everywhere!!!!

This week it is April!  Showers!!!!  Flood warnings!!!!  More trees and flowers have started blooming!!!!!

By tomorrow night, it will be back to February (and now it really is March!)  We've got freezing temps forecast for the next few days!!!! 
  My silly ornamental magnolia is gonna get got!!!!  No two ways about it!!!!
  Mother Nature is going backwards!

  The rowers are back.
I wish they could have been here last week when the weather was so beautiful!
  Carl and I saw our first group as we were driving to the Center on Tuesday.  For the next month, our little town will have all these athletic college kids running around in the afternoon....and rowing on the river in the mornings.  It's a lovely sight.

5 June 2012
  And, speaking of the Center, we were wondering when we put the black warp on the loom, and how much we put on it.  I went back on the blog, and I found out that we wound on that 60 yard warp on June 5, 2012.
  After texting Tina, Marie and Linda L. with that information, we started wondering how many items were woven AND how much money it produced.  That information will have to wait until we can look at Carol's inventory list.  Plus, we were wondering who all had woven on that warp.

Hey....if you get a chance, jump over to Camp Runamuck and wish Theresa a very Happy Birthday!  I'm sure she and her mighty band of canines are having a big party today!!!!

I'm going to try and finish getting my mileage added up for my taxes, and then maybe I can finish threading that hot pad warp. 

Or....maybe I'll switch it up and go play on the loom first!!!!!

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

Oh my heavens, crazy weather every where, I hope your beautiful Magnolia makes it through. They are such gorgeous trees. I wish they would make it here, but cold and elevation is not their strong suit. Where ever did you get that pic? Jack was young then, his dark muzzle makes him look roguish. Now at 13 going on 14 he is just simply dashing in grey. Aren't we all though!