Thursday, October 2, 2014

Push Time

  I spent last weekend cutting and joining more jean strips for the rugs at the Museum, and I've got enough to see me through Homecoming.  Tina picked up her chemise last Friday, and I got the straps and hem marked on her apron.  It's all ready to go for her this weekend.  My chemise is ready to cut out, and I'm on the second try for the little cap that we wanted to complete our outfits.  The first one would fit a pumpkin...I think I've worked out the problem.  We'll see......
  In the meantime, I took a look at the inventory I had on hand, and had a moment of panic.

  Oh yes....I have a bunch of stuff that needs to be hemmed or just cut apart and pressed.  There are a few small totes/purses that I can finish up, too.
  True confession:  I love to weave it, but I hate to finish it!!!! 

  There are maybe three more mug rugs to weave to finish this warp, and then this can be washed and added to the inventory.  (Uh-oh....where are my tags????)

  I brought home the Straw Loom Kits to work on....there was a lot going on at Weaving this week!  It's really a matter of just sitting down and putting them together.  These are a BIG seller at Homecoming....and we need a bunch on hand!

  This will be my car project on Saturday....I found this lovely alpaca for a cowl in my favorite colors.  Once I get it started, it will be perfect for a day trip to John C. Campbell's Fall Festival with Maggie.  Since we'll be going over the mountains, there should be some leaf color in the higher elevations.  I think it will be nice to get away for a little bit.  I'm sure we'll get lots of ideas for new projects.

  I'm headed back to the sewing room to tackle hat #2....keep your fingers crossed!

Happy Weaving, Sewing & Fiber Fun!

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