Thursday, October 23, 2014

Making A List

  With the Foothills show and the holidays sneaking up on me, I realized that I really needed to take stock of what I could get finished.
  For example:  this is the neglected warp on the Mighty Wolf.  There is one completed small tote and half of another.  I found my notes....I put on a six yard warp.  What was I thinking????
  I really love this warp, which I called "shades of gray" but, I'm really tired of doing totes.  I think the remaining warp could be a wrap.  I have some lovely boucle yarn that will give it texture....I'll keep brainstorming this one.

  I warped up the 16 inch rigid heddle for a project that I had wanted to run by Marie.  She stays so busy at the Center, that I didn't get a chance to consult her about it.  Guess I'll find out if it works pretty soon....I'm ready to start the weaving on it!

  I added a metallic silver thread with the variegated yarn as I warped the loom, and that was a challenge at times.  It did not want to come off the cone smoothly!!!  I had a few choice words for that thread....but I haven't thrown it out yet!

  I've been playing around with a sticker design to use for our shopping bags at the shows.  I need to find some labels....I really wanted an off white one, but I haven't located any yet.  Our bags are brown craft paper, and I'm afraid the white will be too much of a contrast.  I'll keep looking.

It's a lovely Fall day outside...temps in the mid 70's with just a hint of a breeze.  I should be outside...maybe later.  I do need to make a run to the post office.....

  Enjoy your Fall day!!!!
Happy Weaving!

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