Sunday, October 12, 2014

It's In The Books!

Well....that's partly true.  We still have to haul everything back to the Center.  It was just too muddy to pull the cars up near the cabin to load up this afternoon.  We are scheduled to go back on Tuesday and pick up our items and put everything back to their original position in the cabin.  (I guess you'll get to see pictures of that on Tuesday.)

  As you can see, our Tina is now FAMOUS!  She was a real magnet drawing folks up on the porch to watch her spin.   Isn't that a great shot looking through the wheel????

  There was always a crowd of folks gathered around watching and talking to her.

Marie and Karin were on board Saturday morning.  You should have seen them rearranging the displays first thing!  It's always fun to "fluff" the shelves!

Karin passed the baton to Linda for the afternoon.  I think they enjoyed weaving on the straw looms with the kids, as well as letting them weave on the rigid heddle looms.

***To Kerstin in Sweden--I do not have a straw loom here at the house.  I will get a good picture of the kits to post on Tuesday!!! 

  Molly started out our day (not so) bright and early.  Today made the 4th day of scattered showers, and we had to avoid large patches of mud just getting to the cabin.  Carol joined us after lunch, and as always, she brought some of her finishing work with her. 
  I have to admit, I was really glad we could go home early today!

  We were pleased to be joined at the Peter's Cabin by Anne Freels.  She set up in the kitchen half of the cabin at the other end of the porch.  Anne makes the most beautiful corn husk dolls, and is one of our fellow crafters at the Center.

    So, the Homecoming is in the books, and we'll start getting ready for Foothills in November.  Another chance to display all these lovely handwoven items!

Happy Weaving!

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