Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Back To Our Regular Program

  The first order of business this morning was to separate the returning items.  Since we ended up going over to the Museum yesterday to retrieve our booth items, it was all mixed together.  Monday was a beautiful Fall day with loads of sunshine.....today it is rainy and gray.  If we had waited, we'd be mired up in MUD!!!!
  Marie had worked up all the figures, and it was a successful weekend.

  Tina was grinning big because she sold all SEVEN of her bread cloths!!!!

Also, she was the biggest seller of the weekend!  (Remember that lovely shawl???)

  And, the guys went right back to their rugs....they don't weave themselves, you know!!!

Charlotte had a few threading errors to correct, and she's all ready to start weaving on her first warp.

  Yes....there's our ladies of the back row.  Bonnie just thought I couldn't get her in the picture!!!  We are really happy to have Eiko back with us (she just returned from a visit with her family in Japan.)

  Linda and Sharon are back to their looms, too.  We're already thinking about what we need to have ready for the Foothills show in November.  We got a couple of weeks to get things done.

  Karin finished sleying the reed on the towel warp while Marie got busy on LaDonna's scarf on the rigid heddle.  She won't be able to be with us before the Foothills show.

  Molly finished the scarf on her Pup this afternoon.....that's another one for the show in November!!!!

  Carol bribed us today by bringing us those Canadian Smarties!  They are really yummy, I agree!

 It's been a soggy few days, but we feel great about all that we have achieved.  Now.....what can we get done before the next show???

Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Congratulations ladies and gents on a successful weekend. Way to go Tina. How wonderful. All seven. Guess you have to get back to make some more bread cloths.

Theresa said...

Well congrats to all individually and collectively for a great show with lots of sales! Good to see you all back too and working towards the next wonderful event. Again, wishing I was much closer than I am.