Tuesday, October 28, 2014

About That Agenda......

  Getting ready for the Foothills show is still at the top of the agenda!  Tina, Karin and Marie worked on fine tuning the plans for the set-up.  The "feet" have arrived, but the ladies are still discussing the best placement for them.

  Tina used the serger to join the fabric lengths for the background curtains.  They are all ready!

  In the meantime, Pat was busy putting together groups of yarn that would work for boas.  (We've got lots of yarn we need to use!!!)

  This is the first one that got under way today.  Pat gathered this yarn from the Annex.  What an interesting technique!
(January/February 2005-Handwoven)

  Betsy was able to work on her towel warp today, but she's got a warp for her "walker bags" on her loom at home.  We want to make sure they're ready for the show!
  Sharon got back to work on the placemat warp....we always need these for the show.

  Ann was able to stop by for a little bit....this is one of the shawls that she wove at home.

  Karin got a big applause when she arrived this morning....her scarf got a blue ribbon at SAFF this weekend.  She participated in the fleece to scarf competition.
  We got a glowing report of this year's SAFF from Marie, Tina, Sharon and Karin.

  Right after I took this picture, Ray informed me that he was "un-weaving" the rug.....he didn't like the way it was looking!

  And, no Tuesday blog would be complete without a picture of Carl!  He always has time to talk with folks that stop by his loom...right, Shirley?

I missed taking pictures of Lanny and both of the Lindas.....there was a lot going on, as usual.  Lanny did tell me that he needs to wind more thread for his towel warp....yes, he's still tying!!! 
  That's OK....we'll be back next Tuesday.
Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

Love the new picture LouAnn. Great stuff going on and how can the show not be a winner with all the prep put into it. Lucky shoppers!