Friday, October 3, 2014

Working with Wool for a Change

I have been weaving with wool the last few weeks, getting ready for the 2 Fall shows I participate in with the Tuesday Weavers.  The first show will be at the Museum of Appalachia's Homecoming, where I will also be a demonstrator for the 4 day show.

I have prepared 4 days worth of spinning fiber, so that I won't have to spin slowly like I had to do last time, and I have also pre wound a couple of plying balls, to ply on a hand spindle.  People are always curious about that process, and since my wheel does not like to spin in the opposite direction. A heavy spindle should do the trick.

I have woven several wool scarves and shawls on my newest loom, the Bergere the Leclerc rigid heddle, that I bought with my handspun yarn in mind.  I love the low amount of loom waste and the gentle nature of the rigid heddle.  I have completed 6 handspun scarves and 2 shawls so far.  There is another scarf on the loom, and I may be able to get at least one more done possible two, as well, in a lighter color.

As I used each skein of yarn, I set aside the hang tag that I use to label them.  Today I gathered all the tags, and I began to add up the yardage that I had marked of each one.  So far, I have used 3,828 yards of wool.  There may be a little bit  left over after I have woven the last scarf, but not much.  On the other hand who knows, I may end up adding to that total as well!

In fact, I had thought that I was done weaving last week when the silvery Romney shawl came off the loom, but it turned out so lovely.  Too lovely for a lowly spinner to use while demonstrating, so I quickly warped up a grey Jacobs shawl, which I loved so much that I ended up doing a couple of scarves as well!  You know how it goes!

I am really enjoying this season of working with wool, though my handspun stash is almost depleted!  I guess I wi need to spin some more!  ;)

Until next time, Happy Spinning, Knitting and Weaving, Tina

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